Everlasting cough and runny nose.

Patient: Hi there. I’m hoping you can help me or give me any advice. I had a cold roughly three weeks ago, normal symptoms. It went away after a week but I was left with a runny nose and bad chest. I had pneumonia when I was younger so it’s pretty normal for my chest to get bad when I have a cold. The runny nose and cough hung about for a week after the cold went. Then I caught another cold which went last week. Three weeks with a bad cough and constantly runny nose. It’s leading into the fourth week now, I still have a runny nose which is constantly going onto my chest making it wheeze and having to cough the mucus back up. The mucus from my nose is either runny and clear, or a bit thicker and yellow. The mucus on my chest is the same, worse in the morning where it’s been resting on my chest. Last week it had what looked like blood in it when I coughed it up, but I think that was from my nose from excessive blowing. I’ve had a weeks course of amoxicillin, tried antihistamines and decongestants, none of which have stopped my nose running or affected my cough. I’m getting a bit tired of it now so any help and advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.