Every day between 3-5 in the afternoon I get cold and start shivering.

Patient: Every day between 3-5 in the afternoon I get cold and start shivering

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query, albeit short and specific.Your history says that you are getting cold and start shivering between 3-5 in the afternoon.Please tell me some more details so that I can assist you further:- Since when have you got this problem?- Is there any associated symptoms like fever, headache, muscle ache or body ache?- Any treatment options you have taken?The commonest causes of of such symptom are”Malaria.Close cavity infection, like that of liver, urinary tract or so.I would advise you to undergo the following tests:Blood: to rule out diabetes, WBC and for Malaria parasite.Tests of urine: routine, microscopic, culture and sensitivity.X-ray chestUltrasonography of abdomen.I hope this answer helps you to get diagnosis and take a proper treatment.Awaiting for your feedback.

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Patient: Had this problem once as a teenager just started 1week ago on body aches or fever high acidity in urine have drank glass of backing soda water every day urin less dark and strong smelling no urinary track pain

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback.
Noted that you had this problem when your were a teen.
Now have this for that last week, body aches, fever, acidity in urine. You have taken a glass of baking soda water every day. Urine is less dark or and there is no urinary tract pain or not strong smelling,
Hence the maximum chances are of urinary tract infection causing you to have cold and shiver.
Please go for the tests as discussed above particularly the tests of urine: routine, microscopic, culture and sensitivity. The sample to be sent before starting of an antibiotic.
Consult your Doctor to get a prescription of an antibiotic against urinary tract infection. And you may be fine.