Everytime I go pee it doesn’t burn or hurt, it is very yellow and bad odor.

Patient: Everytime I go pee it doesn’t burn or hurt, it feels completely normal but my pee is yellow and cloudy and has a strong chemical odor. I get UTI’s frequently but i always have other symptoms too(having to go frequently and the burning sensation) so I was wonderin what that could be?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Noted your history of recurrent UTI with the associated symptoms you had in the past.No w you have cloudy yellow urine with strong chemical smell. This is still indicative of an infection or a concentrated urine.Symptoms may not also coincide every time.The only way to know this is to have the tests of urine.Send the urine for Culture and sensitivity and routine and tests before the antibiotics are started.Take plenty of water orally.Observe urine changes.Get started on proper antibiotics for 3 weeks for a possible cure to avoid recurrent UTI.One should get an ultrasonography, Intravenous pyelography and Cystourethroscopy to find out the cause of recurrent UTI.Get you partner (if you have) checked and treated for possible genito-urinary infection.I hope this answer helps you.