Excessive gas and bloating

Patient: I’m constantly bloated and gassy,even though i eat pretty well and avoid carbonated beverages and junk food.This problem makes me shudder when it’s time to eat or think about food.What could be causing this and what can i do for some sort of relief?

Doctor: I realize your concern about excessive gas production. Surely one of the common causes could be just explained by swallo wing air every time you eat or drink. You may also swallow air when you’re nervous, eat too fast, chew gum or drink through a straw. Some of that air finds its way into your lower digestive tract. But most of it is produced when bacteria in your colon ferment carbohydrates that aren’t digested in your small intestine.Ironically, healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and legumes (beans and peas) are often the worst offenders. That’s because these foods are high in fiber. Fiber has many health benefits, including keeping your digestive tract in good working order and regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels. But fiber can also lead to the formation of gas. Intolerances to Lactose contained in dairy products and to Gluten contained in wheat and other grains could also possibly explain your excessive Flatulence.Changes in your diet might help you reduce the amount of gas produced by your body or help moving it more quickly, try avoiding dairy and Gluten containing products for short periods of time to rule them out as a cause. You could also try over the counter medications such as Beano and Simethicone. I wish you the best.