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Excessive pain after mammogram

Dear Ask The Doctor:
45 yrs old I had a mammogram last month never experience breast pain before the technician hurt me so bad on my left breast I screamed so loud its been 7 weeks the pain has not gone please what should i do help


Breast pain is a common symptom for which many women go to their doctor. The etiology of breast pain is not clearly understood. In my opinion, your pain could be the result of trauma or a hormonal imbalance. The symptoms of breast pain are frequently seen during pre-menopause. The appropriate management of breast pain would be to see you doctor for a breast examination and get a mammogram, but since you've already had a mammogram done, no further tests are warranted. If the pain is severe and is continuing, analgesics, vitamin E supplementation and avoiding coffee helps. More severe cases of pain may benefit with antigonadotropin medication (Danazol).

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