Excessive Sweating

Patient: The issue I’m having is that throughout the day for what seems to be no reason I begin sweating. Hands, feat, armpits, groin, and even my forehead. My hands get really red and my knuckles become purple. I’m shaky and agitated. It’s feels like I’m in a hyperactive state. All the males in my family shake their legs when sitting down and while I’m in this state the leg shaking goes from slow to extremely fast.It’s not stress, my job is very low-stress and I’m a glass half full kind of guy. Not much gets to me. I’ll be sitting on the computer at work browsing websites, in a happy state of mind and I could be fine for almost my whole shift, or right at the beginning I’ll start sweating. It can start at what seems to like any time for no reason. It’s not only at work either, some days it happens at home.I refer to as a “state” because once this happens I can’t stop it. I’ve tried addressing it as temperature or circulation and can’t find a pattern to it. When I go home and take a shower there is no change. I’ve tried wearing more or less clothing, I’ve abstained from smoking cigarettes to try and solve it with no change. I don’t drink any caffeinated beverages. If I go outside in the cold it feels relieving but within 20 or 30 minutes of coming back inside it will start again.If it helps I’m currently addressing issues with my stomach where I get pains in the morning. I have an acid problem and take Nexium which has been keeping the problem under control. I’ve only been taking it for about 30 days and the sweating problem is well over a year old.I’m 6’2 and 132lbs and I’m seeing a nutritionist to address my weight issues. I recently had blood work done checking my sugars, thyroid and for anything stomach related which all came back fine. I will be going to get a scope done in the next few months but my doctor doesn’t seem to consider the sweating a real problem, he’s more concerned with my stomach, which prompted me to post on here. It’s negatively impacting my quality of life and I’m starting to get desperate for a solution.