Excessive sweating for weeks after fever while sleeping.

Patient: Hello!I am facing this health problem from last 5-7 days and this has occurred several times in last 3-4 years.To start, I am 26 year old, 6’2 and weighing only 58 kg (I’m extremely under weight, plus I’m very weak from the inside). Last week, I had a fever, so I took normal tablets and I was fine but was feeling weak internally. Next day, I got a job in a local restaurant and the job is physically very challenging, 10hours a day. Now, the problem is I am sweating too much while sleeping at night coming back from work, waking up few times and I have to change 3-4 shirts at least every night. It’s now day 6, I am very tensed with this situation. I need medical advice.P.S: I have this problem of sweating for 2-3 days after fever but this time, it has extended for 7-8 days. Might be because I’m working without taking any rest after fever. I will highly appreciate any help or advice. Thank you