Excessive sweating, hand tremors and more.

Patient: Hi, over the past few months I’ve noticed that I’m starting to sweat more than usual (I’ve only ever noticed this under my arms). This can be in a ‘normal’ situation, but especially in warmer temperatures. Which I guess is to be expected. I was ill over Christmas and had 2 nights of heavy sweating. I think the cold/illness has mostly gone now (still a little ‘mucus’y in the mornings) My feet feel a little cold at times too. I’ve had a tremor to my hands for years (longer than I can remember). I’ve also been feeling slightly more thirsty than usual and also needing to urinate more often. Finally I can feel tired/groggy in the mornings. I’ve recently had a blood test and it revealed I had a high haemoglobin/red blood cell count. I’ve been told to take another one to check this is correct. I was wondering if this could explain any of my current symptoms (especially the excessive sweating). Hope you can help. Thanks

Symptoms: Excessive sweating (especially in warm/high temperatures), cold feet, hand tremors