Exercises to Help Improve Scoliosis

Patient: From the age of 12 i was told by doctors that i have scoliosis. i am 26 years old now and have not seen a bone doctor since i was 16 years old. nothing has ever been done about my scoliosis because doctors pretty much felt there was nothing that could be done. i went to go see a chiropractor a few days ago that i had met at a health fair the week prior. i explained to him my history with my scoliosis and he did x-rays. when i got the results from my x-rays he told me that my spine is curved 26 degrees but it is not scoliosis. he could not give me the name of what it is called he just said its a curved spine and it is fixable. i was very happy when i heard this because all my years i have been living with what i thought was scoliosis which caused me to be quite deformed in the front and causes me back pain at a young age. the chiropractor told me that he needed to get me started right away on a rigorous schedule as much as 3 times a week and treatment will be at least a year long process. what really my question is today is do you think this doctor is telling me the truth. can someone really have a curved spine without it being scoliosis?

Doctor: In some countries, chiropractice is considered as one of the arms of alternative medicine. Some people believe in it, so me don’t. To my knowledge, scoliosis is an abnormal curvature of the spine. In most cases, if the degree of curvature is