Exhausted; no energy or motivation

Patient: Maybe it’s just because I’m a teenager, but I’ve been completely exhausted lately and particularly slow. No matter my mood I always seem to put myself down and feel like everyone is better than me. Anything I could do to lift my spirits a bit?

Symptoms: Depressed, exhausted

Doctor: Thank you for consulting ask the doctor.Firstly let me congratulate you on taking the 1st step to improvement. the ve ry 1st positive sign in cases of depression is to recognize the problem accept it and look for a solution. you have taken the 1st step. This is a good thing. You must remember that there is no reason to underestimate your capabilities. Haveing confidence in one self is the key to success. try to find out what you are good at and what you enjoy doing and divert your mind in doing those things. I recommend that you visit a physician and discuss your queries with him and start on conversation therapy ( CBT). This therapy would help you regain confidence in yourself and help you. If required the physician may prescribe medications.I hope this information was useful.