Patient: Hello I have a complicated question.ok I recently had a car accident in May 2013 I have four discs that have been hurt and the doctors are saying that it is ddd now I don’t agree with the conclusion because I have never had any back pain nor difficulties doing anything until the car accident I also had an x ray done in October of 2010 that shows no problem at all but the doctors have not seen this x ray because it was done in a different country with that said I would like to know if what the doctors say that I have ddd is because of assumption

Symptoms: I have pain in both my legs the left being only in the buttocks and a little on the side of the thigh the left goes all the way to my foot and I have tingling in my toes and weakness in both my legs the scanner showed l5-s1 then t8-T9. T9-t10 t10-t11 siatici nerve and etc…..