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Exposure: Insertive oral sex from a Macau CSW on August

Patient: Exposure: Insertive oral sex from a Macau CSW on August 2013.Symptoms: Had severe sore throat within the 6th week along with body malaise and lymph nodes. Also had red bumps at the back of my throat even until now and my tonsils are swollen still for over a year, but not in pain. I still have on and off nausea, shortness of breath, and malaise.Concern: starting after the 6th month of exposure I am thinning in the legs, arms, thighs, and face. Possible lipodystrophy (Currently 17th month after exposure)??? I also have had bouts of malaise, dry cough, cold sweats, swollen lymph nodes, and 2 bouts of recent unilateral angular chelitis.Testing: within the 7th, 10th, 12th, 17th, and 21st week after exposure. All Abbott Architect Ag/Ab…What concerns me is the thinning of my face legs arms butt. Then the fattening of my stomach shoulders and chest. Can chronic stress do this?Is this HIV? Or am I in the clear?



Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.If all the reports have come out negative, there is no need to worry about being HIV positive.You can get checked for a HIV test again after 6 months to confirm it.Usually, it takes longer than 10 years for AIDS to start and develop. The symptoms of AIDS take so long because the viral load has to increase to a point where the white blood cells are low enough and this causes disease. Having the exposure in less than year very rarely causes full blown AIDSI believe that you have a chronic illness that is causing the symptoms. A few possibilities are:Chronic feverSome long term viral infectionsGeneral weaknessPoor mental health due to stress or other factorsYou should consult a physician for an examination and investigations like blood counts and a complete blood and urine tests.This will rule out any infection or underlying pathology can be detected. Talking to a Doctor at length about your symptoms will also help you. Wishing you a quick recovery.Feel free to write back for further clarifications.Hope this helped.Regards



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Patient: Doc, this happened almost two years ago. Strting from the 7th month after exposure I noticed I was thinning in the arms legs buttocks and face with fat accumulating on my belly chest and back. Googled it and it seems to tie in with Lipodistrophy from HIV. But my tests are conclusive considering my they were all 4th generation and my last one was 5months and a week after receiving oral sex. What could possibly be happening here? Local doctors here in the Philippines have already told me to move on with the HIV thing. I seem to be fixated on that idea and actually scared that I might have infected my wife.

Doctor: Hello,
Thanks for the reply.
We would like to reassure you that you should stop worrying that the symptoms could be due to HIV. If it were to be due to lipodystrophy due to AIDS, the viral load would have been definitely greater and could have been picked up in all the tests done to detect HIV by now. We suspect some other cause for your condition. If you are a chronic alcoholic, you may experience the same symptoms. You must also rule out hepatitis and cirrhosis of the liver as well as diabetes. Hence, it is recommended that you consult a physician for an examination and specific investigations like blood sugars, serum amylase, liver function tests, serum electrolytes,renal function tests as well as an ultrasound of the abdomen. These tests and an examination can be conclusive and we can identify the cause. Also there is no harm in getting your wife tested in cases of any doubts. If her tests are also negative, you will be reassured all the more and will feel better and relieved.
Hope this helped.
Feel free to write back for further clarifications.


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