Extracting Acne Lesions

Patient: How to pop a zit?

Doctor: This is a common question I receive in my office.Firstly, I would like to point out that acne (“a zit”) is caused by a bacterial infection of the sebaceous glands of your skin.Thus, from a strictly medical standpoint, extraction (“popping”) acne lesions is never recommended as it creates the risk of scarring or spreading the infection to nearby skin areas.The best way to treat acne is with the use of topical or oral antibiotics as recommended by your doctor.  Your doctor will make a treatment decision depending on the severity and stage of your acne.Having said all of the above, I realize that popping an acne lesion may be desirable for social reasons and if you must do so please be aware of the risks (as outlined above) and have the procedure performed by an experienced aesthetician who uses sterile equipment.I hope that helps.