Extreme nausea but not pregnant?

Patient: Lately I have been extremely feeling nauseous after I eat and now it is getting to a point where I want to throw up as I eat. What can this be? Recently I had unprotected sex, but took the morning after pill about 30 minutes after intercourse and used a condom for the rest of the time. The following day, I went to my doctor to have a Nexaplanon insertion and I abstained from having sex for at least 10 days. The problem is now, I might have prevented a pregnancy but I was diagnosed with Gonorrhea. I’m not sure if I should blame the extreme nausea on the Gonorrhea or the implant or something else. Please help. I have no other symptoms, that I know of, except for the ones typical with the implant. I have a corn allergy so I thought that could relate as well. I am having a lot of flatulence as well.

Symptoms: Extreme nausea, ovarian pain, flatulence, bloating, vaginal discomfort