Extreme Stomach Ache and Watery Stools

Patient: I am having severe pain near navel for a couple of days. I am passing watery stools and there is extreme pain all the time. I am 15 yrs old and my school is starting tomorrow. My parents are not at home. I am not even able to stand properly. Please help.

Symptoms: Stomach ache; Headache

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The reason for the severe stomach ache , especially in the navel area, with watery stools could be an acute appendicitis, avute gastroenteritis or food pisioning or an acute intestinal infection.Since you are passing loose motions , there is lot of water and fluids lost, which is ending up in dehydration, inturn making you feel weak and the cause of headache as we..Suggest you to sort help from your neighbours or relatives or anyone whom you can trust upon. Contact your parents immediately and ask them to arrange for help.You must drink a lot of water for now, juices and if there is an ORS solution available in your house, kindly mix it in 2 litres of water and keep on drinking it as much as possible. Do not over exert yourself, call up the school and inform about your health.Kindly visit a doctor soon . You may need to be started on intravenous fluids and some antibiotics if required. Few investigations like bloood and urine tests, ultrasound of abdomen and stool sample may be suggested.Make sure that you seek help at the earliest and someone accompanies you to the doctor.Till then drink lots of fluids and do not worry. Your problem can be easily addressed and you will surely get better.Get well soonRegards