Extreme Unexplained Itch – I have tried Everything!!

Patient: Very bad unexplainable itch with slight rash that comes and goes?I am a 22 year old female with no history of itchy skin or any skin problems at all. Around the beginning of December I started getting extremely itchy at night, along with tiny red bumps all over my body that would disappear in the day time. I went to the pharmacist three times and tried two different kinds of allergy medicine, hydro-cortisone cream, oatmeal bath, coconut oil, moisturizer, and different shampoo and soap. Nothing worked, nothing took away the itch at all. I went to a walk in clinic where they gave me two prescriptions, one for a little green jellybean looking pill, and another for a usual heartburn medicine to go with it that heightened the effect. Again with no results. I then went to my family doctor who prescribed me with Emo-Cort. I have been using that for over a week now with no results. She called me last friday when my bloodwork came back to tell me my thyroid wasn’t doing its job so i am now on thyroid pills, been taking them over a week now and still itch is just as bad every single night. Some nights I cant sleep. I have myself torn up from all of the scratching! I need help.

Symptoms: The only symptom I have is itch as far as I know! I