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Extremely paranoid about developing serious food allergies at the age of 25?

Patient: Extremely paranoid about developing serious food allergies at the age of 25 and extremely paranoid about anaphylaxis would like some reassurance



Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your information, albeit short and very specific.Noted that the age is 25 and is extremely paranoid a bout serious food allergies and anaphylaxis.I would like to know a few more details fr me to assist you the best:- Is this the problem with you or someone else as?- Gender?- Since when is this problem perceived?- Any incidence of food allergy or anaphylaxis seen?- Related to medical profession?- Any other problems, symptoms, incidences or anything you would like to share?Food allergies:Allergy is body’s reaction to say no to a particular thing called allergen.This (allergen) can be ”anything under the sun including the sun”. This is the medical dictum and is practical.Out of all the things surrounding us, foods are the small part of the allergens we are exposed to.The food allergy can exhibit very easily. Locally as nausea, vomiting or loose stools. Both the activities are body’s mechanism to throw out the thing that it fells is not suitable to it and this happens pretty fast so that the general effects on the body are not exhibited or are mild enough not to cause any serious effects.The general effects are seen if the part of the allergens are swallowed and can exhibit as rash, redness of skin, itching or urticaria. This again is body’s defense mechanism to cordon off the allergens.It is only when the dose of allergen is very high or is very toxic, highly allergic in nature then only it may exhibit serious problem.Hence there is no need to worry about any serious side effects as the body is capable of handling such loads and hence are not seen in day-to-day practice.Anaphylaxis: This is the extreme manifestation of the allergic reaction wherein the body’s mechanism do not get sufficient strength or time to take action or when the body is already sensitized and hence the next fight between an allergen and body’s already existing antibodies cause such a severe reaction.This can not occur if you know the allergen and you avoid it.Anaphylaxis again is very very rare and usually used to be seen only with medicines like penicillin or so.So why would you or anyone have it unless the care is not taken.Hence stop thinking about anaphylaxis.Actually not seen any anaphylaxis in practical life that caused death or so.I hope this answer helps you.Please feel free to give the feedback abut the questions I asked and ask relevant queries if you feel that there is a gap of communication.



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Patient: Thankyou so anaphylaxis is very very rare and i will not develop an allergy at 25

Patient: And only food allergy i have is a mild strawberry allergy

Doctor: So no more strawberries anytime in life.
You should also avoid grapes and cherries.
Find out the eatables which contain strawberries, grapes and cherries, not to be consumed at all.
Be cautious with watermelon and peach.
And remember reading too much on internet increases the stress and/or anxiety, which is more dangerous than the actual allergic reaction; I hope you understand what I mean by.
Take care, it needs a bit of determination to say no to allergy causing fruits.
Yes, anaphylaxis is very very rare and you will not develop it at your age of 25 or even later if you do not consume the causative agents.

Patient: So i dont need to worry about anaphylaxis only had a reaction to strawberries beacuse ate a whole jar of strawberry jam in one week and only had a rash and i wont develope any other allergies at my age the internet make me very paranoid beacuse you hear horror stories iv never had problems with peaches or grape or cherries so i dont need to worry about developing anaphylaxis

Patient: Will i not be able to drink wine then a always used to eat strawberries but cant eat to many of them cz cn hv a radh like my mum sisster and gran have the same things i worrie all the time about eating anything and i dont want to develop anaphylaxis i get really worried about nuts aswell eventho i have never had a problem with nuts i am frightened of a server reaction and it make me very depressed and i read on the internet and it makes me feel even worse isnt anaphylaxis usually something that you develop in childhood please help me put my mind a rest thankyou so you are quite sure i wont develop anaphylaxis at my age?

Doctor: If there is a family history of such a thing you should not take anything which can be detrimental for you.
Prevention better than cure.
Prevention means not taking at all.
If you follow this, there will be no allergy or anaphylaxis.
Hence stop consuming anything which you know can cause a problem.
Anything which does not cause you a problem, you should not worry about consuming.
Let us not repeat the same things again.
Follow the simple principles and you will be fine.

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