Facial and tummy hair growth

Patient: Hii am age 30 I am not married and never had sex (bye yes oral and some time self sex) and i have facial hair problem since i got periods when i was 13 year old. The hair began to develop from a very light state and now when i m 30 they began to grow more wilder. I have fastly growing hair on tummy as well. i never waxed, bleached or thread my facial and tummy hair.My periods are regular in a sense that no month is missed out. It always happened after exact 21 days when they started till age 25 but after 25 they began to take more time from 25 days to 30 days. It also took time up to 40 days in last years but now they are 30 days cycle.I get severe and some time mild pain in abdomen on first day of periods.I never got any other problem in and after or before periods but since my periods start getting later after my 25, a strange mild pain starts 10 days before the periods happen. and since 4 months i m getting strange feeling in hands before 2 days of periods take place and also my eyes and face swallow a very very little and also hand get swallow a very very little, not much.My head hair are falling rapidly in past 1 year and they are not growing and got more lighter in a recent year.i m worried now and i want to know what type medication will be good for me. Since i came to know that hormonal medication increase weight a lot and i m extremely afraid of it as i am always good in weight but in recent 2 years my weight also increased rapidly. i dont want my weight to b increased at all. so tell me what mediciation will be good start and what tests should be done before medication.ThanksSara nagi