Fall Onto Upper Back, Dull Pain On Spine

Patient: Hello,Today I was playing a game of frisbee with friends. Me and a friend both went to catch the frisbee at the same time and did not see each other. I jumped in the air, he knocked out my legs and I landed flat on my upper back. The wind was knocked completely out of me and I could not breath for a few seconds. I also made a very harsh exhale sound as I was trying to breath that I could not control.I was able to get up and walk around. After I sat out for a while I was able to play again at a very limited level.I have put ice on my back, but I have a constant dull pain on my spin directly between my shoulder blades. It hurts to tilt my head up and down. It also hurts to lay down in bed.My question is, will this get better with ice and rest, or do I need to seek medical attention?

Symptoms: Dull pain

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We are not certain if you have sustained a serious head or back injury. We recommend that y ou continue to apply ice to the affected areas as well as rest avoiding strenuous activity. It is likely that you sustained soft tissue injury to the muscles of your back and neck, but we want you to ere on the side of caution and have a thorough examination by your doctor. Once you are cleared of any severe injuries such as concussions, or damage to your spine, you can continue with your current recovery regime. Barring any severe injuries, you should make a full recovery in about two weeks.Thank you for choosing AskTheDoctor.com

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Patient: Thank you for your answer. It really helps me to know more about the situation and I really appreciate it!