False blood test, can i still be pregnant ?

Patient: Hello, My last period was on the 25th, on the 6th of the following month I had oral sex with my boyfriend, he was wearing a condom all the time, and he never did intercourse with me, and i never had intercourse before (i am a virgin, as i never had intercourse, but i might have lost it by fingering myself iam not really sure about it), it was only oral and he had a condom on all the time for extra protection.now its the 30th of the following month and i missed my period, i never ever had missed a period before, i am 25 years old now, and my period was always on the clock, i did a home based pregnancy test and it was negative, i did a blood test 2 days ago and it was negative as well.Could I still be pregnant ? are there anyways to be confirm it 100% that i am not, because in case i am , i want to look for an abortion pill and i am afraid it will be too late when i find out that i am pregnant.please advise

Symptoms: i feel that my body is bloated , i feel so much pressure, i dont know if its psychological or because of my late period,i am extremely worried