False Negative STD/UTI test and herbal supplements

Patient: Hello, I have been having mild symptoms which lead me to believe I might possibly have a STD or UTI. Recently made an appointment to see my doctor however I have been using Goldenseal & Colloidal Silver to see if it will help subside some of the pain and was wondering if I should cease these products before STD/UTI testing and if these supplements might cause a false negative on any of the test. Thank you.

Symptoms: Slight burning when urinating, occasional back pain, strange sensation in flank area.

Doctor: Thank you for writing to ATD.I do not think that these products can interfere with STD testing. They may, however, i mpact the UTI tests based on which tests are done. Usually a STD test tests for the organism and the UTI test tests for other parameters like White blood cells in urine.I recommend that you talk to the Doctor your going to about these medications before you stop them.He will be able to tell you better after examining you. Wishing you good health.