Family history of breast cancer with discharge from nipples

Patient: The past few times my boyfriend ad I have had sex he says he gets this weird taste in his mouth , Last night before anything he was sucking on my nipples and said that im lactating a bit but its not like milk its slightly solid and its only a little bit and thats the taste, I do have kids but have never breast fed and the youngest are twins who are 5 , Breast cancer runs in my family.. He says it kind of taste like goats milk I have never had goats milk so I couldnt relate to what he was saying, They arent overall tender or anything .. Any Ideas??

Doctor: A clear or milky breast discharge may be a normal physiological discharge which is sometimes seen in women. However, sin ce there is a history of breast cancer in the family, you may need to be evaluated by your doctor.Although pregnancy may be associated with lactation, hormonal changes, nipple or breast stimulation, certain medications and herbs and tumours may also lead to breast discharge.