Family is sick from 5 days with cold and cough.

Patient: Me and my twin sister and also my grandpa have been sick for almost 5 weeks now, coughing,sneezing,and also trouble breathing. What do we do?

Symptoms: Coughing,Sneezing,Breathing trouble

Doctor: Hello,Thank you for posting your query to ATD.Respiratory infection could be a reason that your family member are sick from 5 days.The cause of this possibly due to communicable viral infection, it may sometimes get super added with bacterial infection.If unattended, it may lead to severe complications.As there is also breathing difficulty, it denotes that upper respiratory infection might have traveled down to lungs to cause bronchitis.Steam inhalation helps a lot in such conditions.You are advised to consult your doctorDoctor may start antibiotics, anti allergic and painkillers.You may also require decongestants, bronchodilators, inhalers and temporary steroids.Wish you ans your family a good health!