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Family Members and Depression

Patient: I’ve recently been diagnosed with depression, my mom was the only person ive told, she said she’d help me through it. For the first two weeks she did, but now about 2 months later, anytime i try to talk to her, tell her how bad im feeling she just brushes me off and says i’ll be fine, i really want to talk to her but she usually ends up getting real angry. i dont wanna talk to my friends about it, its not that im embarassed but i just cant talk to them or any other family members and i dont have the money to see a therapist. i just want my mom to understand that im still not ok, at all. i cry all the time. please what should i do, i hate being alone.




Doctor: Please listen to my advise.Family supports is essential to recovery from depression as you go through therapy BUT fami ly members should never be used for therapy.  NEVER!Therapy needs to be conducted by trained health professionals. Please seek professionall help. Most small and large cities offer free group therapy sessions.In addition to therapy, please talk to your doctor about the possibility of medications.  You should not dismiss anything that may help you.Once you are benefiting from therapy, medications or both, your health care professionals may suggest activities that promote socializing such as community involvement, hanging out with friends, establishing relationships, attending religious services.Good luck


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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