Fasting Glucose levels are UP and A1C is Down, Do I need to be Concerned?

Patient: Yesterday during my annual exam we were reviewing the lab results at found something interesting. Year Fast Glucose A1C 2006 102 6.2 2007 104 6.0 2009 108 5.8 2011 111 5.5 This seems to be counter intuitive. Glucose is going UP and A1C is going DOWN. My doctor is scratching his head over this.


Doctor: The A1C levels indicate the plasma glucose concentration in the body over a period of time. The normal levels in a non d iabetic range from 4% – 5.9%. According to the information that you have given me, your long term glucose levels are under control and there is nothing to worry about.Though the levels of fasting glucose vary from test to test, a level below 100mg/dl is considered normal. Any level between 100 – 125 mg/dl indicates an impaired fasting glucose, a sign that you are prone to diabetes. I would suggest lifestyle modifications like monitoring dietary intake and plenty of exercise as a first step measure to control blood sugar levels.

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Guest: my fasting sugar level is 97 and post lunch is 110 why is fasting sugar level little high. what measures to be taken to control this


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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