Fear of colon cancer

Patient: My husband is having indigestion since monday, diahhrea on Tuesday, lost appetite and weight this week. His father just died of colon cancer 2 years ago. should we worry about this?

Symptoms: Indigestion, loss appetite, loss weight

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.I can understand the worries one gets after a particular disease is present in the family members and the person has succumbed to it.The chances of Cancer colon in he offspring is there but not so much that one has to worry so much.This is so as the symptoms of your husband are just within the last few days and are suggesting of intestinal infection.Arrange for him to be seen and examined by a Doctor, get a 5-day course of an antibiotic and supportive medicines.If he gets fine, nothing to worry about.If the problem persists, get an opinion of a Gastroenterologist, get a colonoscopy and relevant tests done to get a clear picture and get your stress and anxiety to normal.I hope this answer helps you.