Fear of Delivering a Child

Patient: My husband I just got recently married & are wanting to have a kid.. Due to my fear or pain with (throwing up, trembling, heart rate going up) I prefer to have a C-Section with General An. Even though I know that i used in ER only. But I am worried my fear my allow me to have an abortion something I do not believe in because the fear of pain will cause me to not think straight, and start hyperventilating. Is it possible at all to have a C Section this way or even a C Section at all?

Symptoms: Hyperventilating, heart rate increase, shakes or trembling uncontrollable, sweating, losing my speech to talk due to fear

Doctor: Hello,thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comGoing through pregnancy is definitely a stressful time , as i underst and but it is a natural process and well looked after by nature. Your fear pertaining to pain during delivery is natural, but there are means of analgesia available during labour which can be offered like labour analgesia for a completely painless delivery these days and its safe for mother and child.C-Section should not be resorted to by option as the recovery time post surgery is often longer as compared to natural vaginal delivery and should be kept for only any complications during delivery.So , i would like to assure you that if labour analgesia is opted for, pain can be completely alleviated and you can have a safe delivery.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you safe pregnancy,regards