Feel generally bad Pain in neck and stomach Stuffy nose

Patient: I have had a weird kind of pain in left side of neck for 3 days now. A little bit under my jaw. Someone in my family has TMJ I think its called. And I do have very bad posture and am on the computer for hours and hours at a time. So I’m thinking it could be TMJ. But would TMJ make me feel groggy and slightly sick? I cannot find any swollen lymph nodes in the neck. I feel groggy and out of it. Head feels heavy and foggy. STuffy nose and I feel weak. No energy. Also pretty bad stomach ache and diarhea. A couple weeks ago my right testicle was aching and swollen. Went to ER the Dr implied I was just imagining it and said it wasnt swollen. That seems to have gone away although it still slightly aches. I am someone with extreme anxiety issues and I am totally freaking myself out. A couple people in my family have had cancer an I’m worrying I am getting cancer.

Symptoms: Pain in left side of neck, stuffy nose, right testicle slighly aches, bones an joints slightly ache, stomach ache and diarhea, groggy and out of it feeling. I feel like I’m about to get a cold… but I’ve felt like this for 3 days now.