Feel need to urinate after sex

Patient: After intercourse I feel like I need to urinate even though I don’t it lasts for days sometimes weeks 1 Is this normal 2 why does it happen please I am female

Symptoms: Constant feeling to urinate after sex for days sometimes weeks

Doctor: HelloThanks for the querySoon after sex, women generally have the urge to urinate, that is because of the pressure on the bladder caused during an intercourse, which causes the urge to avoid. It is normal and the urge reduces by a day. In case, if it lasts longer than a day, it needs an investigation.Urinary tract infection or vaginitis could be the likely causes. I suggest you see a gynecologist for an examination.The doctor may ask for urine routine and microscopy tests as well as a urine test for culture and sensitivity. In case of an infection, you would need a course of antibiotics. A vaginal swab may also be needed to rule out vaginitis.Meanwhile drink lots of water, cranberry juice and supplements help. Also, avoid stress.Hope this helpedRegards