Feel unable to breathe deep enough

Patient: Hi, I’ve been feeling for about 2 weeks now that I just can’t breathe deep enough, it feels like I need to gasp for air to get a satisfying breath and makes me feel very faint and get really bad cramp in my legs and arms. Last week I was riding a horse and passed out from the lack of air when I went to a&e they said it would be stress or asthma and gave me an inhaler incase which has made no difference and I don’t feel stressed at all, any idea what else this could be?

Symptoms: Difficulty breathing
Cramp in arms and legs

Doctor: Difficulty in breathing for you is a serious problem, since you are having complications of hypoxia like feeling dizzy o r leg cramps, due to it. A HRCT scan along with pulmonary function test will help to diagnose the condition. Asthma could be possibility, but chances are rare as there seems to be no trigger. It is always better to consult a physician for above investigations and treatmet. Spirometric and breathing exercises and yoga will relieve you from the symptoms.