Feeling Crazy

Patient: Is this serious or in my head?

Symptoms: There have been multiple things happening to me since June. It started when I woke up at about 2 in the morning and threw up, and the next day I was fine. Then I noticed that I had a loss of sensation in my limbs. Starting August, I started getting a pressure feeling in the back of my head, and thats recently developed into a sharp pain primarily on the right side. The left side of my face has been feeling like its been injected with Novocaine and it leaves my cheek, side of my nose, lips, and forehead feeling heavy and without feeling for about a week every month. Ive been having back pain by my left shoulder, and sharp pains in my chest and upper mid-section of my back. My arms have been feeling weaker, and it is harder to pick things up. (Im used to easily lifting 50 pounds) Ive been having random muscle spasms, mostly on my left side. They happen mainly in my hand, leg, and eye. I get light-headed a lot and I have been having lots of memory problems, where I forget recent information. I have a hard time concentrating and thinking also. I dont know if any of this is serious or not. I went to my doctor for the loss of sensation in my limbs and he called it paroxysmal parasthesia. He ordered a CBC and differential, chem 20, lipid panel, free t4, tsh, b12 and folate level, and a pregnancy test (virgin, he was checking hormones.) Everything came back fine and this was in October, and he suggested a neurologist, but he said my symptoms sound unusual. Is it in my head?