Feeling movements in my tummy but negative pregnancy test

Patient: I think I am pregnant. I have been on pills over 6months after coming off from contracepti e injection. During last 6months I may have missed one or two pills, but do not remember if I had unprotected sex. I have had urine test at my GP, twice in the last month but both were negative. I now am feeling movements in my tummy and think I might be pregnant. I feel silly to go to my GP in case the test is negative again. I definitely feeling big movements, especially when I am lying down. Please advise.

Doctor: It is unlikely that the movements you feel in your tummy is due to pregnancy. Fetal movements are usually felt in betwee n 16 to 20 weeks and since your pregnancy test was negative the month earlier, pregnancy can be ruled out. Sometime these movements could be the result of something known as pseudocyesis or false pregnancy. Although the exact causes still aren’t known, doctors suspect that psychological factors may trick the body into “thinking” that it’s pregnant. I would advise an ultrasound to rule out pregnancy and any underlying pelvic pathology. I hope this helps, take care.