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Feeling of pain and poking sensation in the throat

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Its been 4 days now and it feels like its going away but first every time i turned my neck it felt like something was poking me on the right side of my thoart then it started happening on the left side and when i swalllow it always feel like a lump goes down my thoart and it feels like something is stuck right in the middle of my thorat and it hurts really bad. But when i eat i dont feel any thing. Ccan you please tell me whats the problem and how can i solve it?


You may be having a viral or a bacterial upper respiratory tract infection or a strep throat. This usually presents with a sore and itchy throat with difficulty swallowing. I would advice you to use some lozenges which will help soothe the throat along with some warm saline gargles. Also please see a physician in person for a more detailed examination of your throat and a prescription of antibiotics if needed. All the best.

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