Feeling pregnancy symptoms but negative results

Patient: My period is now 2 months late, my breast are swollen and tender, urination is more frequent but I have done a few pregnancy tests and they have all come back negative (done the correct way and first thing in the morning); what else could it be?

Symptoms: Missed periods, tender swollen breasts and increased urine output

Doctor: Hi,Thanks for the query.I understand your concern.Missed periods can occur due to many causes apart from pregna ncy.Breast tenderness can be seen during premenstrual period also.Increased urinary frequency can be in conditions like urinary tract infections, excessive water intake etc.As all your urine pregnancy test kits gave negative results there is less possibility of pregnancy.If you want to be sure, you can choose a blood test for pregnancy which can give more accurate result compared with the urine test.If the blood test also gives a negative result, possibly you will get periods soon.If you do not get periods even after one week, please do consult your doctor and take tablets for withdrawal bleeding.Take care.