Feeling very Tired due to Diabetes Medication

Patient: Sir, I have been suffering from Type II diabetes for the last fifteen years. I am on medication of two sugar tablets daily. Despite the medical, I still feel tiredness. I became very weak. I have lost all my strength. Please advise me suitably. Sincerely Yours, KETHA VENKATESWARAO.

Doctor: You have mentioned very little about your treatment other than the medications that you are on. With the information tha t I have, it is difficult for me to point out an exact cause of your weakness.You have mentioned that you are on G FORMIN FORTE (Glibenclamide), this drug is known to cause hypoglycemia and could be the cause of your weakness. Also AMSET XT (Amlodepine) is known to cause peripheral edema and fatigue in patients.You may need to see your doctor for any alternatives that don’t cause fatigue and tiredness.