Feet pain when wearing high heels

Patient: Hello: I have had no accidents or falls, but I suddently noticed that my right foot ankle was swolen and had minor pain. I placed heat on it and it felt fine, since I usually wear flats to work I did not notice any discomfort beside some swelling. But when I put on my heels the pain is terrible, I am unable to walk with my right leg the pain is too much, but once I put on my flats, no problem. it does not hurt unless I squeeze the area or flex it from side to side What is that?

Doctor: The problem that you described often is caused by fallen arches (flat feet), plantar fasciitis or overweight; these are the most common causes of foot pain in absence of a traumatic antecedent. Try to wear cushioned footwear, avoid uncomfortable shoes and high heels, and if you exercise do a warm up before with an adequate stretch, avoid putting excessive strain on your feet and if you are overweight you can lose weight if you need it. You also may take anti inflammatory medication (“Aleve”, “Motrin”) and see if they work relieving the pain. If you try all of the above and poor improvement is noted, then I suggest you a consultation with a specialist (podiatrist)