FELL OFF HORSE IN JULY back pain still? no health care..dr please?

Patient: ——————————————————————————–heyy, my name is heather,in july i had a horse acident were i fell off the horse on my left side. he dident threw me off but i kinda slid off and laded on my hip first and kidna did a roal. scraped my knee and my shin still has a bump but doeint hurt. its my back. lower back just on the left side. its not an a numbing pain, i dont get verry sharp pain . but when i work out, rains. or when i put my head down on a desk that is a little low it hurts. its been five months now. hoever i havent gone to the dr becasue 1) i have no health care, and 2) it doesint hurt daily, only when i work out, rains our side, or i hit it. granted i am concuidered obease for my age. in the earlyer months of my acident my tail bone hurted more then my back but now my tail bone shoes no evidence of pain. i dont know what to do, or what coudl it be. my mom is a nurse and she said it might be a disk problem. something like that. my friend said it might be brused and its not healing becasue of my weight. what is it? please help me… im on my last nerve with it.