Fell on stairs, my back still hurts?

Patient: Hi about 3 weeks ago i fell on my stairs and i hit my right side back on one of the steps. No bruise whatsoever. It hurt really really bad for the first week or so but then started to go away, but i still have pain whenever i use that muscle for anything. For example laying down or getting up on my right side. Certain tasks that require that muscle area hurt when i do them. I am worried that I might have permanent muscle damage. Is it that or something else?

Doctor: The pain due to injury to the muscles in that area may take a while to heal completely. Try to avoid excessive stress on these muscles and make sure to stretch them before performing any heavy activity. Rest, hot compress and anti inflammatory medication like ibuprofen or naproxen may help speed up the recovery. You may see your doctor for clinical examination of the area, to rule out any other injury that may have gone unnoticed.