Female, 19 starting last summer I began getting small pea-si

Patient: Female, 19. starting last summer I began getting small pea-sized lumps on my groin, which later began appearing on my face. i went to the obgyn and the tests for STD were all negative. they said that it was most likely infected hair follicles and it will go away. But they didn’t, it just goes through cycles. on my face: they begin as small pea sized lumps and grow larger to look like cysts. after a day or two they will ooze and scab, very painful to touch, and eventually turn into a red dime sized patches of dry skin. i usually have at least 2 on my face, but i’ve had up to 12. they usually appear on my cheeks, the sides on my face near my hairline and ears, and my chin/jawline/neck. on my groin it looks like infected hair follicles that refuse to heal, along with a few pea sized lumps like on my face. On my groin there are 2 lumps that never seem to go away or shrink. this “acne” on my face and groin usually break out at the same time. Occasionally they occur in my armpits too, but not as severe or frequently. what is causing this!?

Symptoms: Facial cystic acne, groin cystic acne, infected hair follicle, pus-filled acne, lumps.