Female hair loss (front part) – What could be causing it?

Patient: Hello, I am 28 years old and in the past year, I have noticed that the front part of my hair is starting to fall off. I have a lot of hair, generally speaking, and do not understand why this one part of my hair is suffering. No female in my family has problems with hair loss (but men do, including my dad). I have seen a family doctor who said my iron levels were a bit low (but I am not anemic) and a dermatologist looked at it and said she didn’t see anything wrong with it and I should try Rogaine (too scared of side effects to use it). I am quite stressed about it and I find that the hair loss is starting to speed up. What could it be? What kind of tests should I take?

Doctor: I understand your concern about hair loss. From the symptoms you mentioned you may have a genetically predestined condit ion referred to as Male Pattern Baldness, which is not uncommon in both men and women. Initially you may have normal hair growth, but gradually the hair follicles start to become smaller and the hair growth becomes restricted. The hair then becomes increasingly thinner, shorter and less deeply rooted, which makes it more easy fall out. You should consult a dermatologist for treatment. Avoiding stress, living a healthy lifestyle and consuming a healthy diet may also help reduce your hair loss.