Feminine issues and HPV

Patient: Is it possible to have an abnormal pap smear, a positive hpv test, and a negative or normal colposcopy?

Symptoms: Pelvic pain

Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask the Doctor.Thank you for the query.Yes, it is possible to have all 3. A pap smear is divide d into 3 parts. It is a smear of the cervix and checks the superficial, intermediate and deep layers of the cervix.If you have HPV infection and it is in the deep layers, the colposcopy may be negative. HPV is present in many people without any lesions and it is only thought to cause Cervical Cancer. I am sure you are talking to you Gynecologist. You should talk to her if you have these symptoms.It is possible to treat this quickly and effectively.Hope this helps you. All the best.