Fertility problems……….

Patient: Hi, i am just wondering what tests can be done at the doctors to see if I’m infertile. i have been trying since may 2012 with no luck. i had a miscarriage in march 2012 and didn’t know if this has caused me not to be able to conceive?

Doctor: Thank you for your query.It is advisable for you consult an infertility specialist than approaching a gynecologist as the infertility specialist will have more experience in tackling infertility. Yours is a case of secondary infertility with one miscarriage. Now secondary infertility also has to be treated like primary infertility only and all the investigations are to be done.Male spouse has to be evaluated for the semen analysis, female spouse for the patency of fallopian tubes, proper ovulation, uterine factors, hormonal parameters etc. Based on the findings appropriate treatment can be suggested for.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.