Fetal movement with Pregnancy symptoms but Negative Blood and Urine tests

Patient: I had an e.r. room visit a couple of months ago because I was having abdominal pelvic pain where the doc’s told me I have a new fibroid after doing a pelvic ultrasound and the nurse said I have a urinary tract infection, Which i haven’t had since last being pregnant, although I feel I am pregnant.At first the doctor walked in and said I was pregnant then told me I definitely wasn’t pregnant ,maybe they confused my urine with someone else I guess,. With my first son the blood and urine tests were negative until almost 3months pregnant. I have gave birth before and know I am feeling fetal movement kick flutters, having spasms sharp pains in my stomach and uterus, one sided mild leg pains, my nipples are darker and have small bumps around them,with heavy breasts and I even noticed they have built up white substance on them sometimes, so I squeezed and colostrum came out of one.I have had negative blood and urine tests constantly. My menstrual cycle has come monthly but has been lighter and shorter but this past month it lasted 7 days including spotting before and after and also came on as a brown color first instead of a light pink or red.My regular periods last 3 days, I also have some swelling around my ankles after getting off work and removing my socks and some mild swelling in my hands after going jogging.I drink plenty of water daily at least 8 glasses. I have lost around 10 pounds over some weeks but they seem to come right back i eat very healthy since I am trying to loose weight but the belly fat around my stomach has gotten smaller but is still bulky. Also I constantly have headaches and always light headed to where I feel faint but i have never passed out but I do work outdoors in the heat sitting down in a chair but im in the shade with a large industrial fan M-F. A few weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night and the middle of my back hurt so bad I could barely move or turn over…I dozed back to sleep and woke up that morning to a pressure in my lower stomach and pelvis I could barely walk. It lasted for two hours and I did still go to work and passed a bowel which help a little bit. I also have noticed that I have hip pain and sometimes it makes a clicking noise when I walk. Normally my hip starts to hurt after jogging . I have had some slight pains during sex which is not normal for me.I think that I’m pretty far along because of the movement is happening more often normally when Im sitting down or eating. Please help me figure out whats wrong…Am I pregnant???