Fever and cough after cold

Patient: Hi,i got cough and cold and sore throat on 19th of August and took precaution for a week. the cold was almost over but on 26th of August i got severe fever after washing my head. i got fever in the evening and had no doctors to visit as all the clinics were closed. a doctor on phone prescribed me to take Hifenac- p and Formic o 200mg on phone as it was raining heavily outside and he suggested me not to leave house. i took both the medicines for 3 times a day for 2 and half day. but i am not feeling good. i couldn’t sleep for 4 nights because of constant coughing. i took benadryl cough syrup. i got my periods today and its not feeling good at all.please tell me what went wrong and should i be worried?what should i do?i feel very weak and even after 5 minutes of work i am getting tired and having heavy breathing.