September 25, 2018

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Few years ago I experienced bloating, mild stomach pains, e

Patient: Few years ago I experienced bloating,mild stomach pains, excessive gas, rectal pains,blood in the stools, and loose stools.Around the same time lots of risen brown spots appeared on my stomach, breasts and back. I visited several doctors but got no help.I never had colonoscopy done.I eliminated gluten and all the symptoms went away except for the blood in the stools which would show up once in a while. Yesterday I read that excessive brown spots on the stomach are an indication of cancer.Over twenty years ago I was anally raped by this monster who was my boyfriend. I was so ashamed that I never reported it to a doctor.My mother also has these spots and so did my grandmother but they got them later on in life.I have got Hashimoto.I am going to see a doctor but in the meantime I am so terrified. Can you tell me if I should be worried?







Dr. Jimmy Obaji M.D.

Dr. Jimmy Obaji completed his residency in Family Medicine at the University of Manitoba. He currently operates a walk-in-clinic in downtown Toronto.

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