Few years ago I tested positive for hsv2 and way

Patient: Few years ago I tested positive for hsv2 and way devastated… since then I’ve been tested several more times and have had no traces even the chickenpox virus I had as a child. I’ve been dating someone for almost a year now and she constantly gets tested, and nothing has shown up in any of her tests. However when we have sex or I masturbate, there is a red spot that shows up on my foreskin under the tip of my penis. The mark is quite small and is smooth and shiny and does not hurt at all, it usually goes away quickly unless we have sex consistently. I’m am just worried about it being herpes and all mine and her tests were wrong because that’s her biggest fear and I’ll lose my relationship over it…Can you help?

Doctor: Thanks for your question.What help do you want from me? I a am sure this time you are not suffering from HSV. I un derstand contacting a local physician can solve your problem.Hope it helps