Fibroids after Menopause

Patient: 57 year old female… with 7cm by 6 cm fibroid and a couple of 1cm or less smaller ones…Diagnosis made by trans-vaginal sonogram which showed the lining of the uterus to be thin without abnormality…Blood test done previously which showed low estrogen levels in spite of taking one 1.5 mg femhrt tablet daily…Doctor now wants to perform a Endrometrial biopsy to check the fibroid for abnormality…Doctor’s initial recommendation is to either monitor with the trans-vaginal sonograms every 4 months without any increase of hormone treatment due to the possibility of causing the fibroid to grow or to immediately have a hysterectomy and then increase the hormone levels to give a better quality of life.Please respond with a recommendation

Doctor: While fibroids are common among young women, they are very uncommon in women after menopause. I do not think it wise to “watch” this fibroid. I suggest allowing your doctor to do an endometrial biopsy to rule out the possibility of uterine cancer. When the biopsy results are available then you may be better able to decide the best treatment option for you.