Fifteen year old’s possible varicocele?

Patient: Hello there, I have recently turned 15 and have discovered varicocele on the left testicle. I am very worried about it. I have mentioned it to my doctor who suggested I get it examined, which I wish to avoid. The swelling is very inconsistent and causes me almost no discomfort usually. However, I am very active- playing about 5 hours of football a week among other strenuous activities. I have recently experienced excruciating pain in the groin and testicles during a period of exercise (usually when resting straight after)- I don’t think it’s always there when exercising though. I know this can cause infertility (which is something unbearable to think about to me), so I made sure I could still produce sperm with no problems. Any advice would be extremely valuable- I couldn’t afford the inactivity after surgery, but is that the only option? Thank you for your time.

Doctor: While you are quite likely correct in assuming that you have a varicocele, the swelling as not been assessed by a doctor . Without such an assessment and the appropriate investigations you cannot be sure that your diagnosis is correct. I urge you to have the swelling examined by a doctor! Other possible causes of testicular swelling in someone your age include a hernia or a spermatocele.If you are correct and you have a varicocele, the only effective treatment is surgery. Again I urge your to see a physician!