Fifth Metatarsal Repair Complication’s

Patient: I am four week’s Post op for Fifth Metatarsal Repair , I have a Plate,Pin’s, Screw’s.My first visit was on day ten to have suture’s removed.The Surgeon had previously stated after the suture’s were removed he would put a permanent cast on and still no weight bearing for six month’s.The day the sutures were removed, I had asked about the no weight bearing and approximate time of typical healing. He stated I had offended him,informed me that I could find someone else if I didn’t like what he “had already” told me,removed the suture’s and left the room.Refused to come back into the examing room , would not write any pain medicine’s.Most importantley he would not put a cast or even a ace bandage on my Foot and Incision site.I left the office with a sock that I used over the end of the temporary cast to warm my toe’s,Put the sock on my foot,was sent to the appointment desk.I have contacted his office several time’s complaining of numbness to the ankle, severe ice coldness from the toe’s to almost my knee. I am very concerned about how much colder the foot,ankle,calf is.Also it is extremley swollen, purplish blue in color. When I contact this office,I’m informed this is normal, I don’t have another follow up for three more week’s.I continue to suffer and can’t find any relief.Should I seek a second opinion,or wait for another three week’s? I’m sure my foot should have some support or stability to keep it from flopping about. Any information or Input would be greatley appreciated.When I broke my foot it was not due to trauma,I simply stood up and it snapped.

Doctor: I think you should seek a second opinion. It is clear that your current symptoms are a source of great discomfort and th at you do not have good rapport with with your current surgeon. Therefore it is best that you seek a new orthopedic surgeon to continue your care.