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Patient: My friend is pregnant and has a large bump near her vaginal lips the size of a peach has white stuff leaking from it though the vaginal wall on the inside but she has no insurance as she is a self emplyed cleaner. who can she get help from its getting worse and much more painful.

Symptoms: inflammation, constant pain, size increase, white discharge, reddness, and heat

Doctor: Thank you for your question. We empathize with your friend’s current medical issue. However, we receiv e questions from all over the world and as such, access to medical care varies from region to region. We therefore will not be able to advise you on your friends access to medical care but, given your description of her condition, we would advise you to seek medical attention as soon as possible .Thank you for choosing

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Patient: Ok will do didn’t know if it was one of those things hospitals will reject anyone without insurance in co. We will try thanks for your help.

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